frequently asked...

Can I order MMM-Fudge for a friend who lives out of state?

Of course!  We ship via UPS ground, so plan accordingly.  If there is a chocolate emergency that needs to be addressed, message us and we will make a plan.


Is shipping free?

Unfortunately, no.  However, the cost to ship 1 jar is the same as shipping 4 jars, so go for it and share with your friends!  Also, local delivery is free!


What is your return policy?

Since each jar of fudge is made to order, all sales are final. That being said, we stand by our product.

If you have any issues or concerns about your shipment, please reach out to


How long does MMM-Fudge last in the refrigerator?

Usually, not very long!  That being said, it can last months in the frig, but make sure it is properly closed, otherwise it will go bad and that would be a travesty.


Is MMM-Fudge available at any stores?

YES!  You can find MMM-Fudge at GROW South Bay (Manhattan Beach), Uncorked (Hermosa and Manhattan Beach) and Boccato's Groceries in Hermosa Beach.  We are also at Sunday's Riviera Village Farmers Market in Redondo Beach!


How do I warm up my jar of MMM-Fudge?

So. Many. Options. You can warm MMM-Fudge in the microwave for 15-20 second increments, scoop some out and stir in a small saucepan on low or place in a hot water bath until the edges begin to melt to your preference (easiest with the 4 oz jars).


Is MMM-Fudge gluten free?

It sure is!  MMM-Fudge is also non-GMO and Nut-Free.  


What payment methods are accepted?

Venmo is the preferred payment method (@mmm-fudge), but we also accept all major credit cards, Zelle and cash.


Do you offer gift cards?

No, not at this time.


Is MMM-Fudge shelf-stable?

I take my hot fudge very seriously.  We took a few jars of MMM-Fudge to a food lab to test this very question!  It was good for at least 3 weeks, but that being said, it should be kept in the frig.  To ensure the highest quality, all shipments are made to order.


How should I eat MMM-Fudge?

Enjoy over your favorite ice cream, drizzled over a delicious cake or spread over fruit.  Scooping the fudge directly from the jar is also an excellent method.  If you have a favorite “finishing” salt, sprinkle a bit over your MMM-Fudge and buckle up.  It’s insane.  The “M-Bomb” can be enjoyed with a spoon, in a hot cup of milk for some seriously intense hot chocolate or just bite into it and skip washing any utensils.

Still not satisfied? Email Mia at